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A refreshing initiative by young people who love their island and want to “show off” and remind us of what it has to offer. Keep filiming….


The project ‘Our Island’ – “αυτό το νησί μας” is a true expression of gratitude towards the natural virtues of an island which is valued and treasured.

A natural essence that gracefully accepts the love given back to it.

Cyprus Our Island Treasured

This is not about tourism promotion or video virality, it’s articulating the cultural basis for inspiring change in values and appreciation, in an expressive art form.

Consider contributing to making the project a reality, you’ll thank yourself for it – Join Us On Indiegogo – the Platform that supports creators in funding their collective endeavours.

“OUR ISLAND” – CYPRUS NATURE & WILDLIFE FILM (PRESENTATION) from Evgenios Zosimov (Raybox Studio) on Vimeo.

More about Our Island

“Our Island” is a collaborative initiative led by video producer Evgenios Zosimov to create a viral mini series that will later be combined into a fully featured nature & wildlife documentary focusing around the island…

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